Nordic skating trips to Ulila peat mine on 20-th and 21-th of January 

Ulila peat mine is an abandoned mine filled with water. Basically it is a man-made huge bog pool and hence it acts like one – it will freeze over with the first subzero temperatures and forms a huge natural ice rink. Actually the first places in Estonia where one can practice nordic skating are the bog pools.


Time: 20.01.2018, 11.00 AM
           21.01.2018, 11.00 AM
Duration: 3 hours
Distances: about one kilometer by foot, then as much skating as one is physically capable of.
Difficutly: easy. 
Participants: max 10 persons
Price: 20 EUR/adult, 10 EUR/youngster (12-18 years.)
Place: Parking in front of Ulila’s local shop
How to get there: from Tartu:


What’s up?

When we have fitted the skates, we’ll walk about a kilometre to the old peat mine. Then we will mount the skates and will try to stand on them. After making first steps and having the safety breefing, will have the lunch break (bring your tea and sanwitches) and then will continue with skating. After three hours, when the muscles are starting to ache, it’s time to head back home.

Can I make it?

If you can ski, you can also skate with nordic skates. Nordic skate is very stable due to it’s almost 50 cm length and smaller bumps and crevasses can hardly be noticed during skating. We are providing Lundhags Fleet nordic skates, that will fit to all types of hiking boots, therefore you don’t have to carry along your ski boots.

But I already have my skates…

If you bring your own skates, we will offer you a 50% discount. Skating alone on natural ice is not considered a safe practice. Besides, its more fun to skate in a nice company.

If you wish to join us with your own pair of skates, let us know by email:

Is it safe?

Going alone on a natural ice is dangerous! 

We will always check the thickness of the ice in advance.
Last check 13.01.2018 ice thickness was 11.5 cm (4.5 inches)

As a safety equipment the  ice claws, will be provided with a instructions how to properly use them.  The guides will also carry  throw lines, thermal blankets and first aid kit.
We cannot guarantee that nobody will fall through the ice but we will do everything we can to make your nordic skating experience as safe and pleasant as possible.

What should I pack to the skating?

Most definetly take some food and drinks with you, because you can’t skate on an empty stomach. Please remember that alchol is not allowed on our trips. You can also bring a trail seat, because sitting on the ice is not very nice. A full set of clothing, packed in a waterproof bag is an absolute must have. When the accident happens and you fall through the ice, besides being annoying, it may prove to be dangerous, if you must walk a mile to your car in wet clothes. When we say a full set, we actually mean a FULL SET, that includes everything from the underwear to a cap, jacket and gloves. This set of clothing should be packed in a backpack and be carried with you on ice. Besides providing a dry clothes when you most need them, the backpack helps to provide some buoyancy should you  fall through.

Additional information

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This information is about our planned weekend trip.
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