Snowshoes can be used around the year

Snowhoes are useful regardless the snow. Even if there is no trace of snow anywhere, snowshoes are still of great use in Estonia – we have plenty of great bogs and swamps, where the snowshoe is extremely useful for walking around.

Snowshoeing trips are organized around the year. In wintertime, if the land is covered with deep snow snowshoes can be used on forest trails or slopes and fields for walking, but even if the snow melts away in spring, we use them for walking in the bogs, off the wooden trails

Duration of the snowshoe hike

A typical snowshoe trip is usually 2-4 hours, during the time we cover 4-8 km. But we can also arrange a trip that lasts several days that you will remember forever.

Is it for me?

Yes. We will adjust the pace and trail according to our customer’s fitness. Our customers great memories and experiences from the nature are important to us.

Additional information and orders

Orders can be placed and more information aquired by contacting us by email