Going on natural ice alone is dangerous! For safety reasons we suggest to go out on ice with companion(s), preferably with experienced guide!

Nordic sktaing is dependant of the weather

Suitable ice for nordic skating forms when the temperature drops permanently below freezing. From 0…-10 °C 2.5 mm of ice will form in 24 h, if temperature drops below -10 °C 2.5 cm (an inch) of ice will form. Ice thickness of 7.5 cm (3 inches) is necessary for safe nordic skating. We will always check the thickness of ice before heading out for a skating trip.

Preparations for the skating trip

Before heading out for skating proper precautions must be taken. Always wear a pair of ice picks around the neck. These will be of great help, when you happen to break the ice and need to get out of the water quickly. The wet ice edge is very slippery and without ice picks, the exit is nearly impossible. In our trips we will provide the good quality ice picks for all the participants. And we will instruct you how to use them.

Take a throwline with you when going out with a group. With a throwline your companions can help you out of water, should you break the ice. Depending on the group size, we have one or two throwlines with us, together with the personnel, trained to use them.

Take a complete set of dry clothes with you. And by complete set we mean everything from underwear to dry jacket and wool cap. Pack everything into a dry bag or plastic bag and bring it with you in a backpack with a waist strap. If you have to walk a mile in a wet clothes, you may end up with pneumonia. Backpack with waist strap helps to keep everything with you and also acts as a floating device, in case you break the ice.

Finally, take a thermos bottle with hot drink of your choice.This is great to drink to chase off the cold.