Canoe trip – an adventure that takes you very close to nature

We are organizing canoe trips on several Estonian rivers. From few hours to several days.

Is it safe?

Your safety is important for us!

We are using fiberglass canoes of great quality for our canoe trips. The waterproof compartments make the canoes plactically unsinkable. In addition to the mandatory floating vests, you can even use our waterproof bags for your personal items such as extra clothes, phones and car keys.

In the beginning of every canoe trip we will give you a crash course in canoeing as well as safety breefing.

Is canoe trip difficult?

If you are able to ride a bicycle, you can take a canoe trip. Most of our routes go downstream, so the river itself will get you to the destination eventually. All you have to do is to keep the canoe on course and watch for the trees and branches fallen into the river.

Canoeing is all about enjoying the nature and yourself in a steady pace, the rush will be left behind us in the start of the canoe trip.

Additional information and orders

Orders can be placed and more information aquired about the canoe trips by contacting us by email